Organisations and Institutions :

Pic 1Strategic inputs for value creation in both red and blue ocean context.

Pic 1Quality enhancement and assurance by endorsement.

Pic 1Motivation and development of human capital.

Pic 1Managing transitions and change.


Professionals :

Pic 1Guidance to plan and manage their career.

Pic 1Achieving work-life balance.

Pic 1Managing change thru life-long learning.

Pic 1Second Innings: Strategies for a new career.


Teachers and aspiring Educators :

Pic 1Continuous mentoring and professional development.

Pic 1Empowering to create intellectual property.

Pic 1Imbibing ICT enabled skills to become better teacher.

Pic 1Establishing self as an independent educator.


Parents :

Pic 1Guidance to oversee their children's education.

Pic 1Awareness of new educational and career opportunities.

Pic 1Help in coping with transition.

Pic 1Opportunities in education as a second career.


Learners :

Pic 1Improve academic achievement.

Pic 1Supplement academic knowledge with skills for success.

Pic 1Thriving, Flourishing and Prospering in the Knowledge Economy.

Pic 1Charting and navigating new education and career pathways.


Packaged annual mentoring Programmes :

Pic 1Enhancing your Natural Brilliance.

Pic 1Demonstrating your Managerial competence.

Pic 1Improving your English Language Skills.

Pic 1Proving your Mathematical Abilities.

Pic 1Supporting your Children's Learning.